Nanoscience Institute of CNR has a well established activity in the field of nano-biophyisics, nano-biochemistry, molecular biology and nano-biotechnologies, carried on by over forty researchers, including research staff, post docs and students, distributed in the two units of Pisa and Modena.

The recent pandemics, the climate drift, and the uneven distribution of food and health, constantly highlight the fragility of our societies and of mankind as a species on Earth. The response to these emergencies call for solutions, which must increasingly rely on frontiers technology and medicine. In this context, bio-oriented nano technologies such as omic-based advanced medicine, non invasive nano-diagnostic and therapy, ultra-sensitive and cheap pathogen detection tools are currently considered the routes to follow.

The research of BIO@NANO are driven by those needs. The research themes we currently identify as the most relevant are the following:

These studies are sustained by transversal fundamental research lines collected under the following theme