The bio@NANO activity is performed by the following scientists (researchers and PhD students) with expertise spanning a variety of experimental and theoretical techniques and different applicative fields.

Andrea Alessandrini
Antonella Battisti

Sensors, biosensors, biocompatible and active materials for biomedical and environmental applications
Luca BellucciComputational chemistry and molecular dynamics simulations
Fabio Beltram
Margherita BiniBio-functionalized nanoparticles modeling and simulations
Ranieri Bizzarri

Optical imaging of cellular processes at nanoscale
Giorgia BrancoliniDevelopment of multi-scale computational strategies for biomolecules and hybrid Nano-Bio Interfaces
Francesco Cardarelli
Andrea CamposeoAdditive manufacturing technologies
Sara Carpi

Marco Cecchini

Surface-acoustic-wave devices for microfluidics and sensing; nanomaterials for neurosciences
Ciro Cecconi
Stefano Corni
Chiara De CesariIdentification of biomarkers for neurodevelopmental disorders
Jose Gustavo De La Ossa Guerra
Ambra Del Grosso

Development of innovative therapies based on nanotechnologies and autophagy modulation for neurodegenerative disorders
Miriam De SarloDevelopment of new strategies and nanotechnologies to study neural disorders
Rosa Di FeliceClassical physics and quantum physics in biological systems by numerical simulations
Mariacristina Gagliardi
Sujoy Kumar Ghosh
Simone Giubbolini
Gabriele Losi

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuron-glia interactions; Biophysical basis of cortical processing in physiology and disease
Stefano Luin
Francesco Lunardelli
Andrea Mescola

Mechanical characterization of live cells and lipid model system and interaction with exogenous small molecules
Roberta Mezzena
Daniele Montepietra
Alessandro Mossa

Multi-scale computational methods for drug design; Theoretical tools for single-molecule experiments
Gabriele Nardi
Riccardo NifosìComputational modeling and design of molecular bionsensors
Gianmichele RattoBiophysical basis of cortical processing in physiology and disease
Riccardo Parra
Giacomo PasquiniBiophysical basis of neurophysiology
Luana Persano

Electrospinning and additive manufacturing technologies for regenerative medicine and cellular monitoring
Vinoshene Pillai
Melissa Santi

Design of innovative targeted nanoparticles for drug delivery
Luca Scaccini
Antonella SgarbossaBiophysics of amyloidogenic self-assembly; Photophysics and photodynamic properties of natural biomolecules
Barbara Storti

Understanding intracellular processes at nanoscale by fluorescence microscopy
Ilaria Tonazzini

Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials for the central and peripheral nervous system
Valentina Tozzini

Multi scale simulations and coarse grained models development
Laura Zanetti-Polzi 

Theoretical-computational investigation of biomolecular systems with hybrid quantum-classical approaches