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Science popularization event

Intelligence at the border between biological and artificial

Intelligenze al confine tra biologico e artificiale

FREE PUBLIC SEMINAR, in Italian, in presence and on line

Sala Azzurra – Scuola Normale Superiore – Piazza dei Cavalieri 7, Pisa, September 20th 2023 – 15.30

Link for on line participation (zoom)

Organized by Gruppo Interdisciplinare su Scienza, Tecnologia e Società (GI-STS) Area della Ricerca di Pisa del CNR

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Reference PersonTypeTopicmore info, link/call
Valentina TozziniRTD (1+1 years)Multiscale modeling and simulations of (sub)cellular-based radiobiological effects for advanced radiotherapy optimization Call closed, selection in the course for further info contact
Giorgia BrancoliniPhD
XXXIX Cycle A.A. 2023/2024

(3 years)
Computational strategies for the development of diagnostics (e.g. for Covid-19) using nanoparticles, sensors, lab-on-a-chips devices involving sophisticated surface modification. Candidates with experience in computer simulations, multiscale modeling, machine learning, or related fields.

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Opportunities for MS or phd theses
Reference PersonTypeTopicmore info, link/call